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Find The Best Building Inspectors and a Complete Building Inspector Report in Adelaide

Inspecting a building prior to purchase is one safe way to guarantee that you are getting your money’s worth. Precise Property Inspections, located in Adelaide, features a reliable group of building inspectors who can spot defects that are hard to see on your property walk-throughs. Our professionals are trained and experienced in finding damage that may be minute, but might spread and cause structural or surface damage to the property in the future.

A Precise Property Inspection building inspectors report lists damage to roof exteriors and interiors and damage to drainage, walls and fencing so you know what you are dealing with before you purchase or invest in property in Adelaide. A quality building inspector report from Precise Property Inspections is written in easy-to-understand language, removing complicated documentation in building industry lingo that may be present in a building inspectors report from another company.

Get Rental Inspections For Rented Units

Another role of a building inspector at Precise Property Inspections is to examine rental units and conduct rental inspections. This involves checking the cleanliness of each room, the condition of the carpets and walls, and the structure of baths, showers, toilets and utility metres. Our rental services make your job as a property manager easier now that you can rely on building inspectors and a building inspectors report in Adelaide to inform you of the defects or damage caused by renters in your property. Damage can be caused that you wouldn’t notice otherwise, but with Precise Property Inspections, you will see that our building inspectors are well educated in the art of spotting small areas of damage in your properties.

A building inspector report from other companies may not fully list everything that you need to be aware of in your building, but our staff at Precise Property Inspections is thorough with their job and can hand you a report the day of your inspection. Don’t wait days for a building inspector to get back to you while you wait to turn around your Adelaide property. Precise Property Inspections will serve your inspection needs as soon as possible so you can get on with repairing your property for the next tenant.

Trust Quality Professionals

Inspectors in Australia are a dime a dozen, but Precise Property Inspections is one of those places that attracts clients time and time again due to our expertise and professional staff. We seek to make the purchasing and renting process easier for you by letting you know right away what damage you need to recognise. Buying or investing in a property involves many steps, but remember to keep in mind that a quality inspection by building inspectors who know their job well will save you money. Even if your property does not have defects, getting confirmation that this is the case will give you the peace of mind you need to further pursue your new home. Don’t hesitate to contact our staff at Precise Property Inspections.