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Work With a Building Inspector in Adelaide East, North, South and West

Do you know the problems that can be caused by evaporating air conditioning units? Many Australians in Adelaide enjoy air conditioning, but a building inspector can tell you that these units can emit waste water that is toxic, corrosive and harmful to humans and the environment. This water can seep into your gardens, your household appliances and your rainwater tanks. Rather than seeping down gutters, the water should run off onto your lawn or somewhere where people, animals and plants do not have to interact with it. Precise Property Inspections can spot these defects and more before you purchase your home or put it on auction.

In Adelaide East, North, South and West, many beautiful homes are available for you to snatch up if you are looking for a new place to live. However, you must ask yourself if these homes are really as high quality as they look on the surface. Hidden damage and defects might be minor now, but a building inspector knows that they can become significant if left alone and untreated. Rather than risk purchasing a home that may have numerous issues, invest in a building inspection so that you can put your mind at ease.

Conduct Inspections On Rental Units

Though Precise Property Inspections helps prospective homeowners, we can assign a building inspector in Adelaide East, North, South and West to inspect your rental unit. Property owners with rentals must also conduct inspections when a tenant leaves to make sure the unit is ready to be turned around. A building inspector from Precise Property Inspections will inspect the cleanliness of each room, the building’s woodwork and structure, utility metres and the integrity of showers, toilets and baths. Working as a property owner is difficult enough without having to worry about conducting individual inspections of each unit that is ready to be rented out. Precise Property Inspections can handle that job for you and give you an inspection report in the same day. This ensures that you can turn around your rental unit as soon as possible without much downtime between renters.

Find Causes Of Consistent Damage

Precise Property Inspections can find hidden damage and defects, but our building inspectors can also find the causes of consistent damage in your home. If you have frequent issues in your existing house in Adelaide East, North, South or West, Precise Property Inspections can come by and find the source of the problem. While prospective homeowners need inspections before they buy, current homeowners can also use them to find problems with the site as a whole that may have developed after they purchased the home. An inspection can be great at any time to ensure that your property stays in good shape. Investing in an inspection even after you buy the home can still save you money in the future and remove stress and worry. For these reasons, Precise Property Inspections is your go-to place for inspections.