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Building / Vendor Inspections

 Vendors Advantages :

  • The report is available immediately for you
  • All parties are aware of the issues
  • Eliminates delays that hold up the sale
  • Your property sells faster

 Why are Vendor Reports so popular?

  • You immediately become aware of any building problems
  • you can make repair that will benefit the sale
  • you are not inconvenienced by continual inspections
  • your property sells faster
  • interested parties don’t have to wait for building inspection to be carried out

Choose Adelaide’s trusted property inspectors for your pre-sale home inspection.

Arranging a pre-sale inspection prior to listing your property is critical to determine any issues which may need to be rectified before putting your property on the market. By having a professional, independent inspection with Precise Building Inspections, you can address the problem before you go on the market rather than hold up a potential sale.

Our building inspection services are designed to give you the very best, independent advice about the condition of the building you intend to or already own. With a Precise building inspection report in  your hand, you can confidently make an informed decision on your new property purchase or future renovations to your existing home.

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