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Reliable dilapidation reports from Adelaide’s leading inspection company

Building and demolition work often requires using heavy machinery and equipment. This heavy-duty work can sometimes involve serious changes to the work site. It can mean the removal of a lot of soil, slabs or footings and often trees. It is important to have a before and after comparison to ensure significant changes are acknowledged and any required action is taken. Precise Inspections provides accurate dilapidation reports to ensure your building work is carried out correctly.

What is a dilapidation report and why do I need one?

A dilapidation report is a reflection on the condition of a property at a given point in time. It is a record of existing damage and the condition of a range of aspects of the property. These are focused on the ones that are most likely to be affected by construction work, excavation or demolition.

Dilapidation reports are carried out on adjacent properties both before work begins and at the project’s completion. Comparison of the two reports provides a visual indication of any damage that may be a result of building, excavation or demolition work. Dilapidation reports typically include things like notes, measurements, photographs and diagrams to help provide an accurate record of the state of the building prior and post-construction work.

Why should I choose Precise Inspections for my dilapidation report?

Dilapidation reports should be carried out by experienced building professionals, who have a strong knowledge of the impact building work can have on a house or property. Precise Inspections have been in the industry for many years and know exactly what to look for. This means that you can rely on us to provide reports that make the building and construction process smoother and less stressful.

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