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Building and Pest Inspections Adelaide

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Timber Pest Inspections Adelaide

Building and Pest Inspections Adelaide

A Combined Building and Pest inspection in Adelaide, performed by our seasoned team of Adelaide building inspectors, stands as the pinnacle of our inspection services, offering a thorough examination of both structural integrity and pest vulnerabilities. This comprehensive approach is a cornerstone of safeguarding properties in Adelaide, where the presence of timber pests poses a significant threat. While it might be easy to underestimate the prevalence of timber pests in Adelaide, the reality is quite the opposite. Almost every home, regardless of its age or construction, incorporates timber elements, rendering them susceptible to potential termite infestations and other timber-related issues.

Timber pests encompass a range of destructive agents, including Termites, Wood Decay Fungi (Wood rot), and Wood Borers, each capable of silently compromising the structural integrity of a property. From roof frames to floor frames, and from decks to external steps, these pests can infiltrate and weaken essential timber structures, leading to costly repairs and compromises in safety. The insidious nature of these pests means that damage can often go unnoticed until it reaches a critical point, necessitating extensive remediation efforts.

During a Combined Building and Pest Inspections Adelaide, we look for major and minor building defects such as:

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“Thanks for the reports. We hadn’t noticed the uneven floors and never imagined what could be (or not be!) under the house. I will be in contact again soon for another inspection. By the way, as suggested I’ve just liked your company on Facebook.”

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