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Your Cheat Sheet to Building and Pest Inspections

What’s involved?

A building and pest inspection is an independent, professional assessment of the condition of a property. On the day of inspection, a qualified and experienced inspector will attend the property and methodically check the structure for major and minor defects as well as signs of any pest issues, such as a termite infestation.

Different companies may differ slightly in the areas of the home that are included in the inspection, so it’s always a good idea to clarify what will be inspected before you book.

Some companies also welcome the clients to attend the property with the inspector to ask any questions along the way or get a quick rundown of findings before being sent the inspection report. Just as the inclusions may differ, so too will the reports and how detailed they are. A report that comes with photos is great as it will allow you to clearly understand findings and any problem areas.

Why get one?

Getting an objective third party to inspect a property gives you insight into the bigger picture. While real estate agents, local councils or sellers can give some background of a property, it’s always a good idea to determine the current condition in order to accurately plan any repairs or maintenance if you choose to purchase.

Getting this assessment helps buyers know exactly what they’re buying into and can be a major factor in determining a fair offer during the negotiation process. For some potential home buyers, a report can help them avoid properties that would see them exceeding their budget due to extensive works that are required.

When is the best time?

Unsurprisingly the best time to get a building and pest inspection is before you enter into a contract and purchase a property. Of course, buyers will often look at multiple properties on the search for their ideal home, so paying for independent reports on all of these isn’t viable. Once you have your shortlist, have attended the property a few times and believe it could be a real contender, getting an inspection can help you make that next step in either continuing with the buying process or moving onto to something better.

For quick private sales, sometimes it’s not possible to get an inspection completed beforehand. In those instances you may wish to speak with your conveyancer to see what your options are if you’d like a satisfactory building and pest inspection to be a condition on the contract.

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