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Choosing the Right Property Examination to Fit Your Budget

It is always a good idea to have a pre-purchase building inspection conducted by licenced professionals. Many Adelaide properties, old and new, contain various faults including structural damage, faulty wiring and plumbing as well as general decay.

However, when selecting a building inspector you are likely to come across a variety of rates. It is important that you do your research and select your inspector based on the following principles, so that you don’t go over budget with a substandard inspection.

Will You Receive a Quality Report?

 When a building inspection of an Adelaide home is substandard, the pre-purchase report will include far less information as well as less boxes to check when conducting the inspection. This is done in order for the inspector to reduce their amount of overheads.

It is a sad reality that these reports are conducted without thorough inspection and in actuality can be futile if the inspector surpasses the key problems that face a property. You should always look for a building inspector that can provide a through, high quality report for a reasonable price.

How Long Will the Inspection Take?

 When conducting the report, an inspector should be able to do a thorough job without taking all day to inspect one element of the property. When a provider spends too long surveying one particular issue it is a tell-tale sign that they are inexperienced in conducting building inspections. They should always allow you to join them on the inspection. If you go with a cheap and inexperienced provider they may take a long time to produce the final report – time that could be spent finalising your purchase.

Will the Report Allow You Negotiating Power?

 If your provider conducts a thorough, quality inspection of the Adelaide building, you may have the opportunity to further negotiate the price of the property based on their findings. If the inspector was thorough and found that the property requires repair, you will be able to negotiate a cheaper price based on the results of the building inspection.

The Projected Outlook

 If you choose the cheapest provider to conduct your pre-purchase inspection you may find yourself spending thousands of dollars in repairs down the track. Poorly conducted building inspections often overlook existing structural damage and other faults, which only tend to deteriorate further over time.

By choosing a quality provider of building inspections, you will be aware of any faults attributed to that property before you purchase and before the problem becomes exacerbated.

Ensure you select a provider who offers to conduct a thorough inspection of the property, with many boxes to check, and for a reasonable price. This way you’re not going over budget for inspections as well as locating any potential faults in the property before purchase.

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