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Five Things Dodgy Real Estate Agents Try to Hide From Buyers

 So, you’re on the verge of purchasing your stunning new Adelaide property? That’s wonderful, there are few more exciting times than that of buying a new house. However, long before you allow the ink to dry on the contract you need to first think, ‘is the real estate agent hiding anything about this property?’

Below are five of the most common home defects real estate agents try to hide from buyers, and why it is a good idea to have your potential Adelaide property examined by highly experienced and qualified building inspectors in Adelaide.


Leaking ceilings, roofs, radiators and faucets are all on dodgy real estate agents menu of trickery. It’s simply for them, as they only have to plug the leak with a temporary barrier, a barrier that will eventually wear off when you have already moved into the property. Not only is this ethically questionable (this is a euphemism) it is also incredibly dangerous, as a leak can deteriorate into a ceiling at risk of collapsing.


 You might think that on the surface your potential new property is gorgeous and without fault. But that could literally mean just on the surface. Behind the wallpaper, shielded from our eyes, could be playing host to various creepy crawlies working on the deterioration of your new home. If something is telling you the property may be infested don’t hesitate – schedule a building inspection with a qualified professional immediately.

 “Emotional Defects”

Many people refuse to live in a house if someone has been murdered there, or if it is perceived to be haunted or carry bad luck. That is understandable – you don’t want to be carrying that niggling thought in the back of your head when you’re suppose to be settling into, and enjoying, your new home.

However, agents such as Matt Carroll Real Estate said many agents often bypass this problem because they know people don’t want to live in a home where something tragic has previously occurred, and you don’t have to be superstitious to have a problem with it.

Dated Home Systems

 This is one of the faults of a property that leads to regular, giant repair bills. Agents often will not disclose that the water heater has been with the Adelaide property since its build in 1984, and that it has only very rarely received maintenance/repair. It is best to have trained building inspectors come to your property and conduct a thorough examination of its systems.

Cracked Foundations

This is potentially the worst thing an agent could hide from a buyer, because if the property you purchase has cracked slabs it will only deteriorate and you will find yourself tearing the whole house down and changing the slabs. This is where a building inspection comes most in handy; inspectors can recognise when this is the case, and save potential buyers falling in their dirty little trap.

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