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More than Pre-Purchase: Inspection Services after You Buy

Own a property? We’ll take you through scenarios where building inspectors can simplify the home ownership process and protect your investment.

While pre-purchase building inspections are certainly one of the most popular inspection services, there are many others that can help home owners throughout the life of their ownership. Below, we’ve collated some scenarios where an inspection could make your life easier and protect one of your biggest investments.

When you’re renting out an investment property

Renting out your property is a great way to make the most of your investment, but it can also be a time consuming and stressful process. As a landlord, you want to be sure that your tenants are properly looking after the building; you also need to ensure you’re providing a safe space for the residents.

Getting rental inspections performed by a professional team removes the hassle for the landlord who may not have the time to visit the property regularly. It also ensures the property is methodically checked and reported on to give you records for future reference.

For landlords, we recommend our rental inspection service. This will provide a report on a wide range of areas such as cleanliness, health or safety concerns and the overall condition of your rental property.

As part of ongoing protection and maintenance

To protect the value of your property you’ll need to conduct regular maintenance. As well as typical cleaning and minor repairs for wear and tear, home owners should be proactive in preventing pest infestations. Quickly identifying any issues as soon as they occur, can make all the difference in terms of cost.

To tackle pest infestations before they cause devastating and costly damage, we recommend a pest inspection at least once a year. This includes a comprehensive report which details recommendations if signs of an infestation are found.

Before you sell

Getting a clear picture of the condition of a property not only helps buyers, it helps sellers too. A building report will highlight any of those issues that are likely to deter buyers or impact the final selling price. By being prepared, you can better select a reasonable asking price or, better yet, you can make improvements before you put your property on the market to improve your chances of a higher price.  For sellers, we recommend a general building inspection. This will give you collated information on larger problems that could affect your property value as well as minor defects that could be remedied in the short term.

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