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Tips for Preparing a House for Sale

Selling your home? Take a look at our tips for preparing a house for sale to interest buyers and attract a great price.

Looking to sell your home? To get the interest of potential buyers and make the best impression, there are a few things you can do prepare a house for sale. Here, we’ll give you a few tips that can make all the difference when it comes time to sell.

Take care of maintenance and repairs

You’ll be surprised how quickly potential buyers can spot a flaw – even a very minor one. To prevent them getting bogged down in the tiny details, take the time to handle those little repairs before you go to market. Just some things you might want to consider during this stage are leaky taps, cracked power points, damaged fly screens, paint touch ups and loose door handles.

Many of these small repairs can be completed yourself at low cost and will help to make that positive first impression during inspections.

Create a blank canvas

For buyers, one thing that can ultimately persuade their decision is the ability to clearly picture themselves in a space. To help them achieve that, think neutral. Sticking with neutral colours throughout your home can create a blank canvas for the next owners to make it their own. This may mean getting rid of those quirky details you fell in love with such as loud paint colours or unique carpets that may not be to everyone’s taste.

Decide on how you’d like to present the property

One major decision for sellers preparing their house for sale is choosing whether to present the property while they are still living there or opt to have it staged. Of course, this decision is often influenced by budget or whether you have your next property lined up already. If you need to stay in the property while you find new owners, it’s crucial to declutter as much as possible and present a simplistic and clean space. If you can, consider leaving some furniture pieces in storage and remove those personal touches such as pictures.

Understand exactly what you’re selling

To get a clearer idea of the value of a property, it’s beneficial to understand the condition it’s in. A Building inspector will give you that clarity on any potential issues with the property that could hinder buyers from signing that contract. With a detailed report from an experienced inspector, you’ll be able to make a decision on any repairs you would like to make to boost the sale price, or have a clearer understanding of what a fair price might be come sale time. This small cost could prevent many headaches down the road and can streamline the selling process.

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