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Apartment Living: Things to Consider Before you Buy

Amongst the expensive housing market over the last few years
and the ever-growing population in major cities, it makes sense that there’s
been a steady appetite for apartment living. Great for first time buyers and
investors alike, apartments are a sound investment to satisfy a diverse range
of needs.

If apartment living is what you’re after, here are some
things to consider before you buy.

Body corporate

Unlike houses, there are additional costs involved when
you’re investing in an apartment. The body corporate charges fees each year and
these fees go towards the upkeep of common areas of the property. Body
corporate costs vary significantly depending on the type of property you’re
looking at and are often influenced by the amenities included on the property,
the age of building and the number of apartments on the block.

It’s important to keep this extra cost in mind to help you
determine your overall budget.

You may need
permission to make changes

While you are generally allowed to make changes within the apartment, works that affect the exterior of the building or require a building permit usually have to be run by the body corporate. While most owners won’t see a massive need to change the exterior of a property, it can affect smaller upgrades such as installing air conditioning due to the placement of the outdoor unit.

On the plus side, having changes run by the committee (which
is made up of owners in the block) helps to ensure the features you love about
the property remain intact and no major decisions are made without your

New vs old

After a few open for inspections you’ll soon discover the vast differences when it comes to new apartments and older apartments. Both styles definitely come with their own unique pros and cons and it will be up to you to decide which one you prefer. Make sure you speak to the right building inspector in Adelaide before you purchase. 

While some may like the freshness and modern styling of a
new apartment, rooms tend to be a little smaller in these builds. There are
also often more apartments to a block as high rises emerge. Recently built apartments
should also get a professional inspection to assess the quality of

Older apartments definitely have a charm to them, are often
bigger, have fewer apartments in the block and have stood the test of time.
However, their age may mean that more upkeep will be required in the short term.
As old apartments are great to renovate to increase their value, there may have
been DIY jobs that are less than perfect. A pre-purchase inspection can help
assess the structural integrity of the property and any works that have been
done so far.

Is it forever?

Just like any home, there are going to be some considerations you’ll need to make when it comes to an apartment. Size and location are two big factors and it will be these two things that will help you decide if a property is a stepping stone for right now, or a property you’ll be in forever. The answer to that question will help you determine just how much you want to compromise and, in turn, how much you’re willing to spend.

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