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5 Things to Check during an Open for Inspection

With the average inspection window lasting only 30 minutes, it’s important for prospective home buyers to quickly determine whether a property is worth further investigation or if it’s time to go elsewhere.

To help you make snappy decisions during open for inspection periods, here are five things you should check during an inspection.

Did you hear that?

While most of us spend time focussing on the aesthetics of a property, that’s not the only thing you should be taking into consideration when it comes to a property. What you hear can be just as important as what you can see. After all, you don’t want to wait until moving day to realise you were under a flight path that makes sleeping impossible.

From flight paths to train lines or busy streets that are prone to heavy traffic, make sure the sound levels are something you can deal with long term.

It’s not just about the property

You could find an absolute gem of a property but it might not be worth it in the end if the neighbourhood leaves a lot to be desired. “Location, location, location” isn’t said simply for the sake of it; where a property is situated and the neighbourhood you reside in will have a big impact on your everyday living and your enjoyment of a house.

Take a walk around the surrounding streets, check what amenities are nearby. Really ensure you can picture yourself living in the area.

What happened to the view?

In a similar stream of thought, a part of inspecting the surroundings will also need to take into consideration any future changes to the street. For example, if a major calling card for a property is the incredible view you get from your balcony, a new construction across the road could mean that pretty view will be short lived.

Sometimes size does matter

That unsightly brown carpet can be replaced, air conditioning or dishwashers can be installed, but the size of the property itself is harder to change. While property extensions are possible, they can be very costly, and often it can be less of a headache to find a property you are happy with from the beginning.

Don’t be afraid to bring that measuring tape to inspections. If you already have furniture and you can’t afford to replace everything, make sure the layout and size of the spaces are going to be something you can work with. Also, stick with properties that already have enough bedrooms.

Work out your non-negotiables

It’s so easy to get emotional about a property. You fall in love with one of the rooms or one element that has you completely hooked. Property buying is an emotional decision to some degree, but it’s also logical one. Don’t fall for the pretty staging, that new coat of paint or trendy bathroom. Come up with four or five non-negotiables that have to be present in your next property. This list may just cover the property itself or be a mix of home inclusions and extras, such as proximity to transport or schools.

Check these five things every time you inspect a property and you’ll be surprised how quickly your property shortlist decreases.

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