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Importance of Meth Contamination Checks for Properties

With the rise in demand for methamphetamine in the Adelaide region, the increase of clandestine production labs has been staggering. Sewage analysis estimates that use of the drug has increased 25 per cent in the past year alone, so it is vital that you have your potential property examined for methamphetamine contamination by highly trained and qualified building inspectors.

Here’s why…

Methamphetamine is Hard to Detect

 Methamphetamine, to the untrained eye, is almost impossible to detect. Unlike other drugs such as cannabis, methamphetamine lacks a distinctive odour and can therefore be extremely difficult to detect.

If methamphetamine goes undetected it can lead to a range of irritations including sore eyes, constant headache, chest pain and a consistent feeling of weakness in the body. Building inspectors with experience in checking for contamination will be able to detect if methamphetamine has been used regularly at the property, despite its sly nature.

It Lingers

 Methamphetamine does not simply excuse itself from a property. It is a stain on the property that will last for years, even if renovations are conducted on the building. It is imperative to have a thorough building inspection conducted to determine if the property is contaminated so that steps can be taken for professionals to alleviate the property of the lingering chemicals.

Children Are Susceptible to Its Troubles

 This is tragic, and we don’t want to scare any parents looking to purchase a new property, but children are more susceptible to the side effects of methamphetamine contact/inhalation. Contact with areas stained by methamphetamine include itching and soreness, whereas inhalation can lead to a range of behavioural issues, including inattention and restlessness.

In worst case scenarios, consistent exposure to methamphetamine can harm a child’s brain development and lead to ongoing issues down the track.

It Is Not Easy to Get Rid Of

 As previously mentioned, methamphetamine contamination does not simply leave the home. Often, the building will require removal of the plaster boards to be replaced by materials which absorb the remaining contamination. In worst case scenarios, whole sections of the home, and even the whole property (depending on the severity of contamination) have to be torn down and rebuilt for the contamination to be alleviated.

Trained Inspectors Know What to Look For

 Why risk exposing you and your family to the perils of a home contaminated with methamphetamine? A trained building inspector, with experience in searching for this nasty chemical, will be able to determine whether the property is contaminated and what steps need to be taken to rid the property of the contamination.

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