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How to get the best price for your property in easy steps

Whether it’s the family home you’re finally ready to let go of, you’re looking to upsell or you’re putting one of your investment properties on the market, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the very best price.

While the market can be unpredictable at the best of times, there are still steps you can take to ensure you are giving yourself the best chance of success come auction or private sale. So, before you contact that real estate agent to list your property, have a look at the following tips that you could complete first.

Remember what it is you liked about the property

There was once a time when you yourself were inspecting this property and making the decision on whether or not you wanted to buy. Have a think back about what drew you to this property and assess whether these are features that you can further enhance to entice new owners.

This could be an incredible garden, large spaces, quirky design features, old architectural charm, a fabulous kitchen – whatever it is, think about ways you can make sure prospective buyers notice these benefits just like you did.

Let there be light!

It’s no secret that buyers are drawn to properties that allow natural light to pour in. Great lighting will not only make your property more inviting, it can also give the illusion of more space. Natural light is also thought to boost those serotonin levels and make us feel good. So it makes sense that a property with great lighting is highly sought after and, therefore, will attract a higher price.

Before you have the property images taken for the online listings, do what you can to promote natural light in the property.

Switch your window coverings to sheer curtains, or remove them completely if your property is quite dark. If there are plants outside, make sure their leaves and branches aren’t obscuring access to sunlight. For extremely dark properties, you may even consider installing a sky light, upgrading your lights or including more lamps.

Make the small changes that will make a big difference

You would be amazed how big an impression you can make simply by making a few tweaks to your property. A new paint job, switching old cupboard doors, replacing taps, installing a new splashback in the kitchen – a few DIY projects like these could boost that price come time to sell.

Make a list of small jobs you can do yourself or by hiring someone affordably.

Assess those hidden nasties that will dramatically reduce the selling price

While you can do everything to make a house look presentable and welcoming, that won’t mean much if your home is harbouring a bunch of defects underneath its beautiful façade. To really do all you can to get a great price, you really need to assess the condition of your property. Getting a property inspection done can offer peace of mind that your property is in the best shape to fetch a great price, or it could give you the information you need to make changes before it hits the market.

By doing your homework and being proactive before listing your property, you’ll be in the best position to get your asking price or more.

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