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How to Keep Your Home Warm, Cosy and Healthy This Winter

Ugh, it’s coming on again. Freezing cold mornings where you want nothing more than to stay snuggled up in bed, long journeys to work in the wind and rain and nights trying to figure out the most economically viable way to keep your home warm.

We won’t dive any further into endless winter cliches, instead we’ll just fill you on our top four tips for actually keeping your home warm, comfy and healthy during those long winter nights.

1. Maintain Correct Humidity Levels

The level of humidity your household contains during the winter months is important for both your home and the health of family members. It may seem like an innocuous part of household living however, having humidity levels too high or low in the home can lead to various health problems. For example, if your humidity is too low occupants of the home can develop skin problems such as dryness and irritation, sore throats, cracking of floorboards and furniture etc. Investing in. Humidifier for your home will help you to maintain the levels in your home as well help it to reach the desired temperature, something important for your home and your health.

2. Inspect Your Home for Cold Air Leaks or Even Ice

It’s a frustrating reality that sometimes you only notice the problems winter causes for the home during winter. This goes for cold air leaks and the accumulation of ice and frost. If you locate any parts of the home, usually windows and ceilings, with cold air leaks or accumulations of frost, ensure that you take care to have them fixed immediately. This may include replacing doors or windows as well as applying insulation to the affected area.

3. Ensure Your Fireplace is Ready for Use

If you have an antique fireplace at home and see it as an unnecessary luxury it is time to change your opinion! Keep your fireplace clean and maintained in case your heating system happens to go out one night. You never know when you need a backup form of heating during those winter months, so keep your fireplace clean and ready for use – you never know when you might need it.

4. Don’t Forget the Plumbing

If you have any water fixtures that aren’t in regular use ensure that you check on them and run water through their pipes. Extra laundry troughs, bathroom sinks and showers are susceptible to the buildup of water which can in turn freeze during the colder months. The pipes will often then burst which causes flooding in the effected area. At the very least you will have to shut off your homes water whilst you wait to have the burst pipe fixed – so ensure that you regularly run water through these pipes to ensure their maintenance during the winter months.

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