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House Inspection FAQ's

  • How much does a Building Inspection cost in SA?

    The price of a pre-purchase or pre-auction building inspection depends on a few factors: the service, the location, and the size of the property. There is no one set price. On average, a small unit or apartment within the metropolitan suburbs of Adelaide will cost you around $495  for a building inspection only. A family home, 3 or 4 bedrooms, can be anywhere from $ 550 - $850. All prices are dependent upon the property size, location, and service required.

    The price of a building inspection can vary depending on the level of service that is required. The location of the property can also affect the price, as inspections in more remote areas may be more expensive. The size of the property is another factor that can affect the price, as larger properties will take longer to inspect.

  • When should I get a Building Inspection?
    In South Australia, you have a 48-hour cooling-off period from the time you receive your Form 1. This means that you can cancel the purchase of the property within 48 hours without any penalty. It is generally considered best practice to get a building and pest inspection done during this time. This will allow you to identify any potential problems with the property, such as defects or termites. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the purchase. Here are some of the things that a building and pest inspection can look for:
    • Structural defects
    • Rising damp
    • Termite damage
    • Uneven out of square doors, walls and floors
    • Roof damage
    • Foundation problems
    • Slab edge dampness
    • Leaking showers
    • Conducive areas and much more
    If you are considering purchasing a property in South Australia, it is important to be aware of your cooling-off period and to get a building and pest inspection done during this time. If it’s not a condition in your contract. This will help you to avoid any costly surprises down the road.
  • Do you need a qualification to be a Building Inspector in SA?
    While it is true that anyone can conduct a building inspection in Adelaide, it is not advisable to do so without insurance and  licenced building supervisor. The qualifications and insurance will protect both you and the building owner in the event that something goes wrong during the inspection. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to hire a qualified building inspector:
    • They have the knowledge and experience to identify potential problems with a building.
    • They can provide you with accurate and unbiased information about the condition of the building.
    • They can help you to negotiate with the seller or builder of the building.
    If you are considering buying or selling a property in Adelaide, it is important to hire a qualified building inspector to conduct a thorough inspection of the property. This will help to protect you from any potential problems with the building and ensure that you are making a wise investment.
  • What is a Pre Purchase Inspection?
    A pre-purchase building or building and pest inspection is a visual inspection of a property that is being considered for purchase. The inspection is conducted by a qualified professional who will look for any major or minor defects, safety hazards, and signs of pests such as termites. The purpose of the inspection is to give the buyer a better understanding of the condition of the property so that they can make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase it. The inspection will typically cover the following areas:
    • The roof and attic
    • The walls and ceilings
    • The floors
    • The foundation
    • The plumbing
    • The windows and doors
    • The exterior of the property and all accessible areas will be reported on
    The inspector will also look for any signs of water damage, or pests. If any defects or hazards are found, the inspector will report them to the buyer. A pre-purchase building or building and pest inspection is an important step in the home buying process. It can help to protect the buyer from costly repairs and can give them peace of mind knowing that they are buying a property that is in good condition.
  • Is a Building Inspection worth it?
    YES! Organising a pre-purchase building inspection is a great idea. You can use your report to determine what issues the property has prior to purchase or to bid with confidence at auction time. A pre-purchase building inspection is a crucial step when considering buying a property. It allows you to have a professional inspector thoroughly assess the condition of the building and identify any potential problems or defects. This inspection can cover various aspects of the property, such as the foundation, roof, walls, plumbing, and more. Having a comprehensive report from a pre-purchase building inspection gives you a clear understanding of the property's overall condition and can help you make informed decisions. If the inspection reveals significant issues or structural problems, you can negotiate with the seller to address these concerns before finalizing the purchase. This can potentially save you from unexpected repair costs down the line. Moreover, the inspection report provides valuable insights that can be useful during the bidding process at an auction. Armed with the knowledge of the property's condition, you can bid with confidence, knowing the true value of the property and factoring in any necessary repairs or improvements. Keep in mind that the cost of a pre-purchase building inspection is a worthwhile investment compared to the potential financial risks of buying a property without knowing its true condition. It provides peace of mind and empowers you to make an informed decision about the property's suitability for your needs.